Betting on basketball with bet365

When you want to bet some euro on basketball you certainly should do it with bet365. Whether it’s a match from NBA, U.S. college basketball or some European Basketball Championship this bookmaker offers truly excellent betting options

For each match of major basketball championship bet365 offers 15 different types of bets, each of which gives excellent profit opportunities. In the next few lines we will have a look on all the proposals and will discuss which of them are good and which are not.

The standard basketball betting options offered by bet365 include picking the winner of the match, the same bet, but with added handicap to one of the teams and under/over bet on the total number of points scored by both teams in the match.

These are the most popular betting options and the reason for that is that they give more opportunities for profit. If you check the odds for these bets you will see that the margin, which the bookmaker offers rarely exceeds 5%. This effectively means that the boundary of the success rate, which would guarantee you profit, is much lower than in other kinds of bets.

For example, in another very popular bet offered by bet365 – which part of the match will be with most scored points, we can see much higher coefficients for each of the four possible outcomes, but the margin is actually bigger. It is often above 15% or in other words, the punter will need a higher successful rate to get some profit in the long run.

Except the options we already mentioned when it comes to a basketball match, bet365 also offers an opportunity for betting on the exact difference with which the victory will be taken in the match. This betting option also guarantees higher odds, sometimes even above 40, but it is also extremely difficult to achieve successful results.

Bet365 offers also more basketball betting options related to which team will score most points in a single part of the match as well as more exotic bets such as whether the total number of scored by both teams points will be odd or even.

So, a word of advice, when it comes to basketball betting do it on the three most popular options – the winner, Asian handicap and under/over of the total scored point.

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