Simple, but profitable betting system

In the next few lines I will present you a very simple, but profitable betting strategy. What is the most characteristic about this strategy is that it doesn’t require any betting or football knowledge and relies solely on strict money management and discipline.

As I said, the strategy is very simple. The bettor needs to take a football championship (I chose the English Premier League because I like the football there) and look the weekly edition of its favorite bookmaker. Then the three matches with the lowest odds for a draw need to be found and bet on. The idea of finding the lowest odds comes from the fact that according to the bookmakers those three matches are most likely to end with a draw.

That’s it. This is the entire system.

The idea the matches to be just three comes from the fact that the odds for a draw (especially on the bigger bookmakers like bet365, bet-at-home and William Hill) are almost always above 3. Thus, if only one match ends with a draw (which is actually the most likely outcome of each round) the bettor will still have a small profit.

Sounds really simple and most people who deal with betting on sporting events would say that this is nonsense, but the statistics show otherwise. If you take this season of the Premier League, after playing the first 17 rounds of the championship and made 51 bets the winners are 17. The pure profit is 45% when playing each bet with 5% of the bank. Not bad at all, right?

Of course, this system like any other needs some polishing. One of its most obvious problems is what to do when more than three matches are with the same coefficient for a draw. The variations are many, but I have decided to use a very simple principle – I trust my luck. I know this is not the best possible way, which actually means this simple system can give even better results.

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