Exact time of scoring goal betting options with William Hill

You are interested in football betting and you know how to guess correctly when a goal will be scored in a match? Well, if this is the case then William Hill is just right for you. Faithful to the tradition, which says that William Hill is the bookie that always offers the maximum number of bets, this bookmaker once again offers a full range of betting options for the time of scoring a goal in a football match.

When you look at their betting sheet you will see a section named Goal Time. In this section, the whole match is divided into periods of 15 minutes and the bettor can choose will or will not a goal be scored in any one of them. The odds for these bets are pretty good as the odds for Yes proposed by William Hill are around 3 and for No around 1.4. The odds are changed in the last fifteen minutes of the match where for a Yes the odds usually drop down to just over 2 and these for No go a bit higher to just below 2.

Keep in mind the fact that in this type of betting William Hill are extremely generous and offer the lowest possible margin available on the Internet. It varies between 5 and 7 percent depending on the time period, which is truly great and offers options for gaining profit even with lower success rate.

William Hill offers similar bets, but with shorter periods in the last minutes of the match. You can bet if there will be a goal or not on the last 10 and 5 minutes of every match. There is even a bet for a scored goal in the injury time, as the coefficient for a Yes in this betting option is often above 5.

Another additional betting option is the combined bet for the time of the first scored goal and which team will score first. Here time periods are limited to only two by the bookmaker.

Bet on the exact time of a goal is scored in a match is an interesting bet, which involves lots of emotions and strategic thinking. However, if you decide to try it, for sure William Hill should be your bookmaker, at least because of the low margin they offer.

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