Betting options for NFL matches

Probably, it is really hard to find a real bettor who has never tried to bet on a match from NFL. The American football as a sport offers so many betting options that it is preferred by many players around the world. When you add to that the fact that this sport has tremendous popularity in the U.S. we could easily understand why the bookmakers offer so many betting options on the matches from different American football leagues.

Only at bet365’s slips, the bookie offers more than 160 betting options for each match and in this article we will have a closer look at them.

Just like in basketball and ice hockey in the bet365 American football slips you will find three types of bets which are most popular of all. These are the bets for the winner of the match, the winner of the match but with an added handicap for one of the teams and under/over betting option for the total number of points scored by both teams. For the latter there is another bet which includes the exact number of the points scored by both teams and offers much higher odds, but it is really difficult to pick a winner for it.

For all the three major betting options bet365 suggests alternative variations which offer much higher or much lower odds, depending on the rate. With this option the player does no longer depend on the suggestion of the bookmaker and can bet on whatever he or she wants.

For those who love betting on the European Handicap options, which includes a draw as a possible outcome of the match are provided many suggestions. They include both the winner of the match and the number of points scored by both teams.

Other types of bets that can be found in the bet365 American football slips are related with the results in both halves of the match. For each of which bet365 offer separate bets for the winner in the half, the winner with an added handicap and the number of scored points.

Bet365’s betting proposals for American football are really many and this is why for these which are more rarely used by the punters we will talk in our next post.

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